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TIS Automation & Timer TIS-AUT-TMR

Central Time Clock and Main Automation Controller. It is the smart system servant that assist and monitor temperature, events, with main Targets: maintain, safeguard, protect and economize. It Can Trigger prayer announcements, reminders, alerts, macros, and moods. Each Logic module Consist of 240 tables, Each Table of 4 programmable Logic Lines totaling up to 960 Line of Logics using simplified (and, Or Nand, Nor, with 255 Flags). logical condition consist of trigger combinations like: time, scene Light channel status, curtain status, room temperature, security mode, day night, time... and so on

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Important Features

Time Clock:
Built in time clock with central
DTS day time adjustment
Muslim 5 Prayer Times function
according to city Longitude and Latitude
Logic Lines:  Total 960 logic lines: 240 Tables, each 4 Logic lines.
Logic Commands:  Simplified logic commands like: (if, or, nand, nor +255 Flags)
- Upgrade IO :  1 x mini USB port (to connect to special programming board)
- Operation Protection :  Polarity Protection  • BUS Short Circuit Protection
- TIS BUS DC Supply :  24VDC with flexible tolerance  between 8-32VDC.
- Power consumption: 15mA
- Installation : 35mm DIN-Rail Mount Ready,   Wall Mount Ready (4P)
- Operating Environment : 0º to 45ºC ambient temperature,  20% to 93% RH
- Dimensions & Weight :  W 91mm x L 73mm x H 75mm,  Packed weight 0.22 kg
-  Working with TIS bus protocol
-  PC anti-flame case.
-  UL USA  certified terminal, ICs and PCB.
-  Product CE certified.



Technical Specification
Logic Commands
Simplified logic commands like:
( if,  or,  nand,  nor +255 Flags)
Total 960 logic lines:  240 Tables,
each 4 Logic lines.
TIS Bus  
Number of devices on 1 line
Bus voltage
Current consumption
Max.  64
12-32 V DC
<25 mA /  24 V DC
Rever se Polarity Protection
Reaction time  
  approx.  20ms
Din Rail
Wall mount
Standard 35 mm Din rail
screw holder on the back of the module
Operating and dis play 
Programming TIS Protocol massages 
and commands Manual basic Prog,  or by sof tware.
1 X mini USB for up to date upgrading.
Logic Commands
Logical trigger or command conditions consist of trigger
combinations like:  time,  scene Light channel status,  cur tain
status,  room temperature,  security 
mode,  day,  night, flag. . .etc.
Without packagingData  0.4 KG
Dimensions  Width x length x height 90mm x 73mm x 76mm
Casing color 
Button color
ABS anti fire 
Black Gray
Temperature range Operation
Air humidity   <85% non-condensing


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