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Getting started with tis

To be trained on our TIS technology is the shortcut way for good customer service and best sales volume, Knowing about products  ability, shape and size will help you giving the best offer and to satisfy your customers.

Our training sessions are:

Smart home products  training.

Smart home products Marketing and Sales Training.

Smart home products  Installation training.

Smart home products programming training.

Smart home advanced programming training.


All attainders after passing the exam will be certified to work with TIS Products.

For registering please contact  us by sending email to training@tissmarthome.com

Please include your information such as name, city, country,  and job.


You can also start to get familiar with our system by reading  this basic lessons:

Training Lesson 1 : What is TIS Smart Home

Training Lesson 2 : TIS Bus connection Topology and Addresses

Training Lesson 3 : Smart Home Lighting Design

Training Lesson 4 : Lesson 4 TIS Climate Control

Training Lesson 5 : Curtain & Motor Control

Training Lesson 6 : Saving Energy, Timer & Automation Best Design